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Michelle just released new EP, "Life Keeps Movin'" featuring 4 new songs. Listen to the songs on Michelle's SoundCloud page

Coming Home EP is available now on iTunes , Amazon.com! and on Bandcamp!

Michelle has compiled a CD of original songs entitled Michelle Murray: Collection of Songs, which recently received a 2006 Wammie Award nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.

This CD is a collection of songs recorded at various recording studios between 2003 and 2005. Tracks 1-5 were recorded with Rick Kanton as part of the Water's Edge CD, "Make a Choice." That CD, a collaboration between Michelle Murray, Anne Sucher and Rick Kanton, received a 2005 Wammie Award nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.

Tracks 6-7 were recorded in the summer of 2005 at Gregory Lygon Studios. Tracks 8-9 were recorded in 2003 at Matt Holsen Studios as part of Michelle's first solo sampler CD, "This Life." And finally Track 10, the twisted love song "Another Lover Down the Drain" was recorded with Rick Kanton. Featured musicians include Rick Kanton and Les Hatley on lead guitars, Greg Vickers on banjo, and harp, Anne Sucher on harmony vocals and TM Hanna on mandolin.

To order the CD and listen to the music, visit the Michelle Murray page on CD Baby by clicking here.


My former singing partner, Anne Sucher, (the other half of Water's Edge) passed away on February 27th 2006.

However, the Water's Edge CD, (the duo featuring Michelle Murray and Anne Sucher) is still available at live shows.

Check out these mp3 clips/songs from the CD

To order the Michelle Murray Collection CD or the Water's Edge CD at $10 a copy, or the sampler, at $5 per copy, contact Michelle at mmurray68@gmail.com.

CDs are also available at all live shows.