Michelle Murray



The Knaves: Here's a 'classic' Knaves pictures
that was taken at one of the New Deal outdoor music festivals that we performed at, in July 2004.
From left to right, you're looking at Rick Kanton, Michelle Murray, Anne Sucher & Midnite Bob

From Left: Anne Sucher, and Michelle Murray, otherwise known as Water's Edge, a duo that performed together from 2003-2006. Sadly, Anne passed away in February 2006, but the music we made together will always live on in our hearts. This was the picture we used for our CD, "Make a Choice." The CD is still available through CD baby.


Michelle at a Jammin' Java open mike sometime in 2004.
Michelle, along with her frequent musical partner in crime, Les Hatley, at the Berwyn Cafe. Les and Michelle are now part of a trio, "Murray, Crump & Hatley" also featuring the talents of Rick Crump.
Michelle and Greg Vickers, also known as Olney Restin, at a SAW showcase performance in October 2005 at the FireHouse Grill in Fairfax VA.
Michelle and Anne made their radio debut on Damien Einstein's show on WRNR on June 2, 2005. In addition to the live interview, we performed two songs live in the studio and he played two songs off the Water's Edge CD. A great time was had by all!