Michelle Murray



"Michelle Murray's songs make you experience the emotions that motivated her to write the songs in the first place. You feel every word." Michael Males, Station Director/Owner, MyRuralRadio.com"

" Michelle Murray's music is honest & realistic yet always providing a positive spin on the twists and turns of this life - the quintessential blend of joy and sorrow set to singable melodies accessorized by pitch-perfect harmonies." --Bree Noble, CEO Women of Substance Radio & Host of WOS Music Podcast

"I have been a radio DJ and musician for my entire adult life, so Ive had the opportunity to hear many artists over the years. Michelle Murray is one of my favorites I like her original, sometimes quirky, songs, and her enthusiastic delivery of her own material, as well as covers. As a performer shes a polished professional; I have heard her sing solo, with a duo, and with several bands."-- Ken Sleeman Radio Show Host, Good Time Oldies WGTO "

"Michelle gave a stellar performance ! Great vocals, excellent song-writing, & outstanding backup. As one friend said, "Michelle sparkled !" . . . and I wholeheartedly concur.."

- Bruce Cohen, host of house concert series, SingersGlen.Org where Michelle performed on May 17, 2015.

"Michelle Murray expresses the friendly tones of folk through a metallic-ting of acoustic guitar plucking and welcoming vocals. Her lyrics aren't quite as "day in the life" as the likes of Randy Newman but they are just as light-hearted."

- Quote from Washingtonpost.com/MP3 Editor's Picks

"Michelle combines strong song writing with a sweet voice and an energetic stage personality. She is a songwriter with an eye for detail, an eye for the big picture, but alway with her eyes planted solidly on the road."

- Joseph Isaacs, host/promoter of Music Matters Showcase

"'This Life',one of the best songs to come out in years, is folksy and plaintive, and Michelle's voice nicely matches the guitar as the storyteller longs for new adventure and for solitude, and for things to slow down. With just the right inimitable touch of vibrato, Michelle sings, as she puts on her travelin' shoes."

- Ron Goad, Vice President, Focus Music

"'Wandering Heart'" is a good song, and it is even better when you listen to it a second time. Memorable...Very good ideas and songwriting in your song."
- Song of the Year Critique Staff
This song received a Song of the Year Honorable Mention Award. See the award here.

"'This Life' is a wonderful song that makes for a powerful anthem about moving on with life. Your lyrics are poignant and very descriptive of the pain left by open wounds of the heart."

- Song of the Year Critique Staff

"Her honest, down to earth songs are well-constructed, with insightful lyrics, memorable folk-country-blues melodies, and clever,hard-driving pop hooks that will leave you coming back for more."

- Don Bridges, President, Songwriter’s Association of Washington